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  • 2015
    In January, one belt, one road, was awarded the successful bid of China Mobile electric in 2015. The winning bid was 2800 million. The CLP electric successfully won the "Pakistan Karachi nuclear power project" along the way.
    In March, CLP electric successfully won the bid of Northwest (Hohhot) project of China Unicom with a bid amount of over 23 million yuan.
    In May, CLP electric won the order of 33 American style wind power box type substations for Luneng Xinjiang xiaocaochao wind farm phase II 49.5mw project.
    In November, CLP successfully delivered the offshore platform project of Abu Dhabi oil company in UAE.
    In January, Nanjing Metro Line 4 was successfully delivered
    In April, CLP electric successfully won the bid of 10 million orders for 110kV traction transformer of Datong Qinhuangdao railway
    In May, clone electric successfully delivered one belt, one road, Tajikistan's cement project.
    In July, scrbh15-3150 / 10, the first amorphous dry-type transformer with the largest capacity in China, was successfully delivered
    In July, it won the bid for the annual dry-type transformer procurement project of Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd., with an amount of more than 20 million yuan
    In October, the new zig zag amorphous alloy filter transformer officially appeared in the communication industry market
    In November, sfz11-10000 / 110 new energy-saving transformer was put into operation in Jiangxi Baiyunshan hydropower station
    In December, the amorphous alloy transformer of CLP electric was successfully supplied to Qingdao aircraft carrier base, Hainan aircraft carrier base and Nanhai islands and reefs project of the people's Liberation Army
    In January, it won the bid of Wuxi Metro Line 3 ssz11-40000 / 110 to nearly ten million oil
    In January, the power of scb10-100 ~ 1600 / 35 of Wuhan Metro Line 21 became nearly 10 million
    In January, Shenhua Materials Group mine frequency conversion flameproof nearly ten million
    In June, the one belt, one road, 110 thousand volt substation in Fuping was put into operation.
    In September, CLP won the bid of China Mobile for more than 36 million yuan
    In October, the VPI transformer exported by CLP to the United States was successfully powered on
    In January, DuPont deepened its strategic cooperation and held the brand authorization and new product launch of relatran
    In July, CLP electric won the bidding of Shanghai Telecom's 2018 centralized purchase order
    In November, more than 200 transformers of China Power Electric Co., Ltd. were put into operation to escort China Import Expo
    In December, the intellectual property strategy promotion project of Jiangsu Province successfully passed the acceptance
    In January, Haikou Meilan Airport won more than 10 million orders for box type substation in phase II
    In February, Sun Yat sen University won nearly 20 million orders
    In May, the new scb13-5000 / 35 / 0.4 transformer was successfully developed and sold. It is the largest epoxy cast dry-type distribution transformer with 35kV capacity in the transmission and distribution industry
    In July, the amorphous alloy transformer provided for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games successfully delivered power
    In August, it provided special rectifier transformer for test of the first 10 MW offshore permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine in China, and presented a gift for the 70th anniversary of the people's Republic of China
    In September, the sc11-40000 / 110kV main transformer of Wuxi Metro Line 3 was successfully powered on
    In January, CLP successfully delivered power to unit 1 of Shenhua Guoneng Baoqing power plant
    In April, CLP exported 10000kva transformers to South America
    In May, Feng Jinyue, director of the Standing Committee of Yangzhong people's Congress, and his party visited and guided CLP electric
    In May, the overall completion and acceptance of Chenzhou cigarette factory, a transformer project of CLP electric, was completed
    In May, the Linjiang base of CLP electric was unveiled and relocated
    In June, the first phase project of Sino German joint venture foslow (Anyang) rail equipment company successfully delivered power
    In June, the video inspection of CLP electric entered the era of video business and Internet of things
    In June, CLP signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DuPont China
    In July, CLP won the bid of 110kV main transformer and neutral point device project of Tianjin Metro Line 11 phase I project
    In July, Linjiang 220kV test station was completed and accepted, and the first main transformer was delivered smoothly
    In September, CLP Electric Co., Ltd. participated in the preparation of "white paper on prefabricated modular substation technology of data center" and appeared in China Green Energy Conference
    In October, the rural power grid transformation and upgrading project of kekedala city was successfully delivered
    In November, CLP electric attended the special exchange meeting on transformer products of Nanjing rail transit and high speed railway
    In December, CLP electric won the honorary title of "2020 manufacturer of high quality power supply and distribution solutions for urban rail transit"
    12 and, CLP electric amorphous alloy transformer for xiong'an station
    In December, CLP and Antai signed a strategic cooperation agreement on amorphous technology
    In December, 88 epoxy dry-type transformers of CLP helped the construction of Centennial Campus of Shenzhen Sun Yat sen University
    In January, CLP won the bid of 33 transformers project of Shanxi TISCO Stainless Steel Co., Ltd
    In January, sc10000 / 20kV assisted the Huawei project construction of Hubei Kuanyan IDC data center
    In January, to provide a strong guarantee for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Shanghai Pudong Airport, CLP electric provided Yb series European style prefabricated substations for the Xinguan killing site of Shanghai Pudong airport

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